DY Nutrition Formass Super 20lbs

DY Nutrition Formass Super 20lbs

DY Nutrition Formass Super 20lbs

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DY Nutrition Formass  Super 20lbs
DY Nutrition Formass Super 20lbs
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Customer Reviews

possibly the best weight gainer u can buy
one of the best weight gainer in the market. its sweet but not an issue if you have a sweet tooth. marcos are top notched. what i like is that you can still have another meal after this shake as its not heavy. take it post , pre or anytime throughout the day !
Review by evan (Posted on 05/03/2017)
Quality meets quantity
Delivers what it promises and probably the greatest tasting protein supplement around. With such great quality, this deal is to die for.
Review by Hasheer (Posted on 19/02/2017)
lean gains
The protein blend is the same you get from Tempro so you know it has a great protein profile.
MC, Instant WPC, Instant WPI, WPH, Egg Albumin. It's the best protein blend i've seen until now.

The carb are also great because there's only 3gr Sugar per serving and there's also Oat fiber and Inulin in the ingredients (not just Malto).
I can only say that, it does what it says. It adds Lean Muscle Gains and no gut bloats. It's great for taking between meals as it
doesn't make you feel bloated, but still you feel a little full which is good as you can actually feel like you've eaten something.

I added 3kg in the 1 month i used it and it's mostly Lean Muscle Gains, my Muscles look Fuller, Rounder and i'm very
glad with the results. I had 2 scoops or as an extra Meal
if i felt like i needed the extra calories. (I eat 5-7 meals a day, depending on how i feel).

I definitely recommend FORMASS from DY Nutrition if you want Lean Muscle Gains.
Review by york (Posted on 05/02/2017)
damn awesome gainer
no wonder couznutri say its one of the best lean weight gainer around. ingredients are really top notch. used to be a fan of ON pro gainer but so ex. ingredients so so only. fren recommend me this. wah... i'm a believer now. chocolate taste damn good and light. not thick like mutant.
Review by matthew (Posted on 31/01/2017)
its sweet. no problem just add more water.
Review by sweet (Posted on 27/01/2017)
good gainer
used ON serious mass bsn true mass and mutant mass before deciding to try this . Taste mixability and pricing wise, dy formass wins hands down. Plus, no upset stomach or mutant farts after consumption. dy formass has lesser calories for a mass gainer and a lower protein gram wise compared to other brands. However, it's much healthier (less sugar content than all mass gainers) and cheaper and the proteins sources are cold processed which is supposedly much better as heat normally kills important fractions of protein. Gained five kg in initial two months.
Review by hero (Posted on 27/01/2017)
Best gainer
a good lean gainer which help me gain 5kg with minimal fats on the first month.
Review by carl (Posted on 27/01/2017)
Formass gainer
Taste pretty sweet...gd for those who have crazy sweet tooth
Review by Brock (Posted on 25/01/2017)

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