MAN Sports Pump Powder – Stimulant Free Pre-Workout Is “Simply Perfect”

by Arden Marketing Pte Ltd on Dec 10, 2017

MAN Sports Pump Powder – Stimulant Free Pre-Workout Is “Simply Perfect”

We bring you Pump Powder – our new stimulant free pre-workout formula. We’ve been teasing for weeks and finally released it last Friday. This “stim-free pump inducer” can be used stand alone or in conjunction with a stimulant based pre-workout (we strongly recommend PepTest BULK or Game Day).

MAN Sports Pump powder is a “simply perfect” formula comprised of 3 main active pump ingredients Agmatine Sulfate, Glycerol Monostearate and Citrulline Malate. We kept it simple due to the fact that more ingredients don’t necessarily mean it’s more effective. These are tried and true nitric oxide stimulators that when stacked together in one formula provide rushing pumps, super vascularity and noticeable strength/endurance benefits. Pump Powder can be dosed according to your personal preference as well. Feel free to take anywhere from 1-2 full scoops with or without a stim based pre-workout. We recommend 2 scoops on arm day, for obvious reasons!

Check out Pump Powder here.

Pump Powder comes in 3 mouthwatering flavors: Sour Batch, Dorks and Blue-Bomb-Sicle with more to come in the very near future. This is great news for anyone familiar with our products like ISO-AMINO and PepTest BULK, as they’ll now stack perfectly with consistent flavors from product to product. There are also no artificial colors or dyes used, making it mix almost clear in water. (Sipping on glowing neon green liquid all day just doesn’t sound appealing to, well, anyone…)

Pump Powder has everything you want in a stimulant free pre-workout with no fluff, fillers or marketing BS. It’s that “simple”!

*To note for our loyal customers: Yes, this product does in fact replace NOOPump. Why did we do this? We wanted to offer a product that delivered on many fronts; pump, taste, price, effectiveness and ease of use. We think we hit the nail on the head with Pump Powder. We take the statement “Innovate or Die” to heart.

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