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30 Day Supply of NAD3® 60 All Natural NAD+ Booster™
A High Performance Nutrition Formulation, NAD3® NAD+ Booster™ 

There is no arguing that boosting NAD+ levels brings an array of health benefits like better focus and memory, better sleep, more energy, and a faster metabolism. But every other NAD+ booster out there is missing to address one major issue - inflammation. Muscle and body pain is a serious problem with aging individuals. We asked, "what good is it to have more energy to do things if you're going to feel it the next day?!" Working closely with thousands of patients we found out mobility is a huge concern. NAD3 addresses and corrects this problem, naturally. NAD3 suppresses the NLRP3 gene, a protein known to cause inflammation. By suppressing it, NAD3 helps prevent and protect your body from from this issue. If you've had another NAD+ booster in the past, this is definitely the next step. 

Let's Run Your Entire Body More Efficiently

So Much More Than Your Average NAD+ Booster

  • Improve cellular efficiency by restoring degrading cellular properties.
  • Improve metabolism, brain function, and cardiovascular health.
  • Feel a lot more energized, focused, & positive.


The aging process is understood as the unwinding of the double helix structures of our DNA and the shortening of our telomeres as a cell divide. The unwinding of the double helix exposes us to the free radicals we produce as a byproduct of our natural metabolic functions, as well as the toxins and pollutants of our environment: things such as our food, our water, and the air we breathe.

By activating sirtuins, we can naturally slow the cellular aging process, by performing the function of deacetylation, which protects DNA from toxins, pollutants, and free radicals while also repairing and restructuring the double helix.

NAD3® has been proven to activate your entire Sirtuin survival protein family enabling your body to restore to it's younger self.

Let's Run Your Entire Body More Efficiently

In the last two decades, science has led us down a path allowing us to further understanding how we age. From activating Sirtuins and boosting NAD+ levels to restricting mTOR and controlling vital protein activations, aging as we know it is changing. In 2013 the world was introduced to NAD+ boosters and the benefits behind it. Today we understand that aging is controlled by many factors within the cell. NAD3 is the next step in addressing these problems and actually reversing your biological clock. NAD3 is the future of anti-aging.

What Just 2 Little Capsules Can Do

311mg Per Serving

The purest nutrients, in perfect harmony, working together to change the way we age.

Heart & DNA Protection

Optimize energy levels

Protect Cellular Health


Brain Function

NAD3® takes brain function seriously. It considers two major concerns; functionality and protection. NAD3® is packed with a special blend of Theacrine. Theacrine works by stimulating dopamine production in the brain. Doctors call dopamine the “happiness molecule” because it increases feelings of satisfaction. But dopamine is also the “messenger” of the brain, delivering signals across your neural network. Theacrine can help improve your mood and speed up your mental capacity.

NAD3® also elevates NRF-2 protein production. Higher levels of NRF-2 have been shown to protect your brain from degenerative diseases.



Increasing NAD+ levels have been shown to boost energy levels naturally. Unfortunately, too much NAD+ levels can cause overproduction of NADH and this leads to feeling tired. NAD3® elevates NAD+ levels naturally and as the body needs it. This gives you a steady, all-day, natural boost of energy.

But there's more. NAD3® contains Theacrine, a powerful stimulate shown to boost energy, especially if you drink coffee! A study determined that Theacrine can optimize the effect of caffeine and completely eliminate the "crash" feeling of drinking caffeine.


Restore & Protect

While many functions of NAD3® are aimed to protect and restore the body, we want to highlight an important protein and what it does for you. NAD3® has been clinically proven to elevate P27 protein levels. This protein is especially important but it regulates the health of your cells as they do what they do. In fact, P27 protein can protect you from cancerous cells by eliminating any threats and maintaining your body healthy and protected.



According to a National survey, the #1 concern for aging Americans is inflammation and loss of mobility. The loss of mobility usually starts with pain due to inflammation. NAD3® has been proven to inhibit NLRP3, a protein shown to trigger inflammation when too high. NLRP3 is a major controller of inflammation in the body. High levels of NLRP3 are associated with diabetes and atherosclerosis. Controlling NLRP3 is critical to healthy inflammation response and NLRP3 reduction has been shown to reduce the risk of Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, gout, and multiple sclerosis.

NAD3® reduced NLRP3 by over 100% when compared to the leading NAD+ booster! NAD3® can easily be considered a powerful solution to reversing inflammation at the cellular level.


Copper Nicotinic Acid

Copper Nicotinic Acid is a special combination of Copper I and Niacin, better known as a Vitamin B3. Copper Nicotinic Acid is shown to boost mental clarity, boost energy levels, and alleviating discomfort by controlling lactic acid levels. More interestingly, this combination has been proven by clinical research to boost NAD+ levels as well, along with providing protection to your stomach lining, boosting your immune system and providing mental clarity.


Theacrine is commonly associated with caffeine for its similar properties but there is one major difference that needs to be addressed. Unlike caffeine, Theacrine has no downside - so you get all the energy output without a crash. In a human study Theacrine users reported an increase in their energy output, it doubled their concentration and boosted their motivation to exercise. Theacrine works by stimulating dopamine production in the brain. Doctors call dopamine the “happiness molecule” because it increases feelings of satisfaction. But dopamine is also the “messenger” of the brain, delivering signals across your neural network. Theacrine can help improve your mood and speed up your mental capacity.


Wasabi Japonica

Considered one of the rarest and most valuable perennials on planet earth, Wasabia Japonica is an incredible plant with a laundry list of benefits shown to protect you and your health from degenerative disease. What’s behind this incredible plant? A very unique molecule called 6-(methylsulfinyl)hexyl isothiocyanate, or 6-MITC for short. This molecule is found in low quantities naturally in Wasabi and it has shown to boost anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, anti-platelet, and potentially anti-cancer properties! NAD3® is formulated with a very exact amount of Wasabi Japonica rich in isothiocyanate. The exact number is a patent-protected trade secret with extensive clinical research. During clinical trials, NAD3® demonstrated a significant boost in NRF-2. Higher NRF-2 can help with reducing inflammation, help stop cancer cells from growing, and have shown to protect you from heart and neurodegenerative diseases.

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