Sky Food Green Smoothie Detox Powder Fruits and Vegetables (Expiry 03/2024)

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How Does Smoothie Affect Your Body

There are 22 kinds of vegetables, 2 kinds of fruits, 3 types of dietary fibers, 4.4 billion lactic acid bacteria and oligosaccharides contained in this smoothie. The nutrition they provide will make your body healthier in many ways, but the main attribute of this drink is the detoxification effect.
Let's take a closer look on our smoothie and see how can it support your body and health.

Fruits and Vegetables Detox

In world-class medical journals, vegetables and fruits are described as ingredients that should be frequently consumed to prevent cardiovascular disorders.

It is a common knowledge that people who succeed in weight loss, usually focused their diets around vegetables and fruits. Because they reduce risk of circulatory system disease greatly, vegetables and fruits should be considered as necessity in our daily diet. Moreover, the smoothie has anti-aging effect.

In the process of energy production, our body generates reactive oxygen causing the aging process. To slow down this process antioxidants are necessary.

Therefore, if you include vegetables and fruits in your diet, you can nourish your body with antioxidants (vitamin A, C, E) causing detoxification. On top of that, consuming smoothie may help you to lose weight, eliminate skin problems and improve look and quality of your skin.

Lactic Acid Bacteria And Detox Functions

Detox is a process of discharging waste products and toxins that have accumulated in our body. Detoxification effect of lactic acid bacteria has been drawing a lot of attention recently.
By ingesting lactic acid bacteria, the number of healthy bacteria in the intestine increases, decreasing the amount of the bad bacteria. The intestinal tract which becomes dominated by the good bacteria stimulates a peristaltic movement causing extraction of accumulated feces and toxic gases. If the inside of the body is properly detoxified, the skin will be naturally influenced by that, becoming healthy and more beautiful.

Detox With Dietary Fiber

Polysaccharides in our food (dietary fibers) cannot be digested by our organism.  As they are not absorbed by our stomach, they play a role of detoxification. Dietary fibers can be roughly divided into "insoluble" and "water-soluble".

To understand how they work, we could compare them to a broom that soaks water, and a cleaning cloth that removes dust. Indigestible dextrin plays a role of broom, inulin and psyllium play a role of a dust cloth. Ingesting both in a well-balanced function, will ease excretion process, and prevent constipation. The dietary fiber willespecially affect the large intestine.

Improve Blood Flow

The primary cause of bad blood flow is caused by thrombus (blood clot). Green vegetables contain many components called chlorophyll which prevents thrombus from occurring. If you consume right food, the flow of your blood becomes smooth and the oxygen spreads to every corner of the body. Good blood circulation may prevent oversensitivity to cold and improve your skin condition.

Eliminate Legs Swelling 

Potassium contained in vegetables and fruits has a diuretic effect which helps to eliminate swelling. Swollenness is said to be one of the causes of cellulite, so by drinking smoothies you can also prevent the forming of cellulite on your body.

Smoothies As A Diet Drink

Drink the smoothie on an empty stomach and try to avoid eating for the next 40 minutes to 1 hour. When you have nothing in your stomach and intestines, your body can absorb nutrition from the smoothies much easier. Many people drink smoothies as a substitute for breakfast (so-called replacement meal).

A smoothie is easy to drink on a busy morning, and it is much less of a burden for your stomach compared to bread or rice. At the same time, absorption of nutrition improves if there is no other food to digest. However, for people who are actively working during the day, it may be unhealthy to skip a regular breakfast or lunch. In that case the smoothie could be a good replacement for a dinner. In addition, if it is difficult to use smoothie as a substitute for a whole dish, you can drink it before each meal. However, remember to eat your next meal at least 40 minutes after drinking the smoothie and try to reduce its volume to 70 – 80% of a regular serving.

How to Drink

Put 5.5 g of 1 capsule into a glass, add about 100 ml of water and mix well.

If you mix it with apple juice, milk or yoghurt it will taste delicious!

For a start, use 3 packets a day. When you feel you have achieved the desired detox effect, you can reduce the intake to 2 packets a day.



Mixed vegetable / fruit powder: young leaves of barley, kale, okra, cabbage, carrots, pumpkin, burdock, sweet potato, taro, broccoli, ashitaba, asparagus, edamame, komatsuna, celery, radish, radish leaves, onion, parsley, spinach, lemon, lotus root, indigestible dextrin, dextrin, psyllium seed coat powder, chicory dietary fiber (inulin), beet sugar, soy flour, apple juice powder, oligosaccharide (lactosucrose), bactericidal lactic acid bacteria powder, sweetener (stevia), fragrance.

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