Clean Protein Full Disclosure Protein Vs. Proprietary Blends

by Arden Marketing Pte Ltd on Dec 10, 2017

Clean Protein Full Disclosure Protein Vs. Proprietary Blends

Clean Protein – our newest product is a high quality protein blend featuring 4 different protein sources. Now that might sound pretty standard at first, but upon taking a closer look, you’ll see how it stands leaps and bounds in front of other “similar” powder protein supplements that typically feature proprietary blends.

MAN Sports Clean Protein features a “full disclosure protein blend”. What this really means, we’ll get into shortly. There has been a shift in the nutritional supplement industry within the past couple years. More transparency, open ingredient labels and knowing exactly what is in your supplement has come to the forefront. (What we think is a GREAT shift for the industry) Proprietary blends are becoming a thing of the past. Typically this shift happened with products like pre-workout, aminos, fat burners, etc.

Why have consumers not been up in arms about their protein being in proprietary blends? Well, we think for the most part, consumers thought protein is protein. They (consumers) probably thought there are no “tricks”, or ways to fool consumers with protein products. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

First there was “amino spiking”. This is basically the process of inflating the protein content by including high levels of worthless aminos or even creatine, which in a lab test with show as protein content, thus inflating the amount of “protein”. A true protein powder should have a wide spectrum of amino acids. “Amino Spiking” was happening left and right resulting in brands being exposed, sued and going into damage control. Not only was it deceptive to consumers, but it also made every brand and the very industry we are in less trustworthy. Consumers had to doubt their protein supplement, even if the brand they use didn’t spike their protein.

Next, there are brands with proprietary protein blends. Lets say brand X has a whey protein blend consisting of whey protein isolate and whey protein concentrate. Seems pretty standard. What consumers didn’t know is that brands out there would claim 24 grams of blended protein, when in reality this product would be 23 grams of whey protein concentrate and 1 gram of whey protein isolate, just to be able to include a premium source on their label. This is about as shady as it gets and is much more common than people think.

Proprietary Protein Blend

Proprietary Protein Blend in the “Ingredients” section – no quantities of anything listed!

Lastly and probably less well known (even to the companies that think they have a great protein product) is inflating the protein content by listing the total protein rather than the protein yield. Each protein in a supplement is a protein source i.e. whey protein isolate, micellar casein, soy, egg, etc. Protein sources are just that – a source of protein, not a complete protein. These sources yield a different percentage of protein, depending on the quality and purity of that source. Let’s say you have a protein product that is comprised only of whey protein concentrate. If the product includes 25 grams of this, the label probably reflects it (falsely). This is where things need to change. A high grade whey protein concentrate is typically 80% protein. A product containing 25 grams of whey protein concentrate (protein source) should only have 80% of that protein listed on the label as that is what that source yields (roughly 20g complete protein).

This is where Clean Protein stands out. We not only list exactly how much of each protein source we include in our product but we go a step further to show you exactly how much each of these sources yields in terms of complete protein. The combined number of complete or yielded protein is the protein value we list on our label. (See image below)

Clean Protein Blend Ingredient Panel

Clean Protein Full Disclosure Blend – Amount of each protein source clearly listed with the complete yielded protein value.

Here’s the full breakdown of the protein sources, total protein and complete protein that Clean Protein from MAN Sports features.

Whey Protein Concentrate (fast digesting) – 9 grams total protein yielding 6.93 grams complete protein.

Whey Protein Isolate (fast digesting) – 8 grams total protein yielding 7.2 grams complete protein.

Micellar Casein (slow digesting) – 6 grams total protein yielding 5.15 grams complete protein.

Milk Protein Isolate (fast & slow digesting) – 6 grams total protein yielding 4.92 grams complete protein.

This is a high-grade blend of both fast and slow digesting protein sources – perfect to take any time of the day for sustained release protein! This isn’t your typical proprietary blend protein, giving you 24 grams of concentrate with a pixie dusted 1 gram of the other sources. This is a massive 29 grams of total protein yielding 24-25 grams of COMPLETE protein. You can trust that Clean Protein delivers exactly what is on the label.


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